2 day Sponsored Hike and camp log book by Aislinn Dowling

Day One: Lough Dan to Crone

The 13 scouts, 4 ventures and 2 leaders arrived close to Lough Dan at around 10:00 on the Saturday morning. We began the hike with rucksacks on our backs and everyone appreciating being clean at the beginning of the hike. It wasn't long before everyone started hitting Derek with the general hiking sayings of "Are we there yet?" And "Can we have a break here?" until we realised that we had quite a while to go and that the hike wasn't even that hard..yet.

After a couple of hours we started to get used to the pain in our shoulders and we appreciated that it hadn't rained..yet. For once people were complaining about the heat rather than the cold, which was a good complaint I guess. We had a good few breaks which made it all easier and made the time pass by quickly. We tried to stick together as a group but it was difficult with some people being fast and some well..not so fast.

We reached our campsite for the night at around 6:00pm, it was a really nice evening so we pitched tents and started up on dinner using water from the nearby river. A small fire was lit and everyone appreciated the time they had before we headed to bed to get up and hike again. The midgets attacked us, but we survived. Everyone went to bed, slightly early, and got up nice and early the next morning.. some earlier than others. 

Day Two: Crone to Larch Hill

We took down the site and left at around 9:30am. We sadly picked up our heavy bags, and soaked tents. Mark Cregg drove up and collected the tents off us. He also offered to take our bags back to the den for us, you could see everyone's mood gradually increase when the bags drove away, leaving us free to walk without the bags pulling us down. Most of today's hike was all track and wasn't too bad. We planned to meet up with the cubs and beavers but sadly we were slightly behind time and this didn't work out as planned. Some of the ventures ended up giving scouts piggy backs up the mountain as people's energy levels ran out.

The rain soaked us but we continued on our way to the barbecue awaiting us in larch hill. We got everyone alive to larch hill and we met the beavers, cubs and the rovers who were cooking for us. Parents got very excited after a night without their amazing children. After pain, tiredness, sunburn, smelliness, sickness, moaning, complaining and, again, pain, it was then realised that it was all worth it because we spent the weekend with a great bunch of people who made all the pain go away..until the next few days.