Phoenix Prep hike 2009 Sunday 16th – Monday 17th

Walking team

Orla shiels

Katri Kittinprami

Paul Beirne

Written by Katri and Paul

Day 1: Kippure – Tonduff – Maulin – Campsite at the back of Powerscourt

Paul: Good evening and welcome to 90th Kilmacud's preperation hike log book. We hope you enjoy the show and in the interests of health and safety the emergency exits are located here, here and here.

Katri: We got dropped off at the side of the road and after attempting to unfold the map, we started walking. The first mountain we got to was Kippure, where after seeing some sheep we decided that the mountain was boring and that we could skip the summit and take a short cut, a very narrow short cut.

Paul: Shortly after we saw some people with dags who were indeed friendly but they were no pool English. Then we walked along the road we couldn't find to a patch of (ka)-trees where we had lunch and Katri shared some of her lovely flat-pack chocolate from IKEA. ('Twas awsome indeed.)

Katri: After our very appetising lunch we were off again, walking along the road (I have decided that I love roads) but too soon we were walking through heather and bog. After looking around we decided that there was noone else within miles of us (but there probably was...). We took a short break where I had some more chocolate (yum) and gave our backs some rest.

Paul: Then we summited Tonduff and it looked like the surface of the moon which was super-cool. We also wrote part of our logbook there.

Katri: After resting we started hiking again and after checking the map we realised that the massive mountain in front of us was NOT (phew...) the spot height we were going to. And so the bog continued until we reached the start of the trail on Maulin (the trail we thought was either a river or a wall...).

We stopped to let two speedwalkers (well they were really fast!) pass us by and debated whether the rockpile we could see was the summit or not... it wasn't. But, it also wasn't too long to the real summit! Where we are sitting and writting this!

Paul: If a bear was to attack a person it would Maulin!

Katri: The lovely rocky trail continued all the way down the other side of the Maulin where we joined up with the wicklow way after crossing a bridge we finally arrived at our campsite!!

Paul: When we arrived at the campsite we made our tents (1 person, yeah I know it was epic!) and had our dinner, either Koka noodles or pasta Carbonara.

Katri: We then went wood hunting so that we could light a fire -as the ground was already scorched and sat around its warmth for an hour or two until we ran out of wood and weren't bothered to get anymore.

We then went to Bread

Day 2: Back of Powerscourt – Knockree – Enniskerry

Katri: In the morning we were woken by Derek's shouting and we started boiling water from the nearby river so we could refill our water bottles. After a quick, but detailed description from Derek about the hike we were off.

Paul: Then we walked up a nasty hill and went on a track for quite a while meeting lots of friendly hikers and ending up at the entrance to Crone.

Katri: We followed the road for a while and turned onto the Wicklow way, we passed a friendly man who opened the gate for us. After a couple of minutes we were back on the road going to Enniskerry and after checking the map a few times we were off. We kept following the roads, sure we were going to Enniskerry.

But then everything started to look too familiar. And we saw the sign “Welcome to Crone -forest recreation area” We were back again!!!

Derek: Luckily cormac was sitting at the square in Enniskerry having a coffe and icecream (I know one hot and one cold, can't make up his mind) and after a quick phone called he threw his coffee and icecream away and drove along the NON SIGN-POSTED roads to collect us and drop us back to civilisation!