An Introduction to Our Patrol

Our patrol is called The Knights at the Knot so Round Table.

Our Patrol in made up of 8 people aged between 13 and 15. We are all in different Secondary schools around the area. We are from 62nd Kilmacud Scouts. Our team is made up of 3 girls and 5 boys. Everyone on the team is very good friends and we get on very well together.

Name: Gavin Kildea

Age: 14

Position on Team: PL and Assistant Fire Chief

Favourite Food: Southern Fried Chicken

Length in Scouting: 5 years

Nicknames: Gav Gav, Gavatron

Description by Other Team Members: Gavin is very helpful and will always be willing to help another team member who is struggling with their task.

Name: Mika McKeever

Age: 15

Position on Team: Site manager

Favourite Food: Schnitzel

Length in Scouting: 7 years

Nicknames: Schnitzel, André

Description by Other Team Members: Mika is a very dedicated scout and is very picky about everything being safe and clean.

Name: Jake Finlay

Age: 13

Position on Team: Cook

Favourite Food: Fajitas

Length in Scouting: 2 years

Nicknames: Jakeabelle, Jakealina

Description By other team Members: Jake is very funny and is great fun to be on the same team as. He is a very dedicated scout and is very picky about hygiene around food.

Name: Karl Brough

Age: 13

Position on Team: Assistant Fire chief

Favourite Food: Fajitas

Length in Scouting: 2 years

Nicknames: Karlo, Karlos

Description by Other Team Members: Karl is really funny and bubbly and a great person to have as an addition to the team. He is very determined and will not let anyone get in the way of him doing what’s on his mind

Name: Amy Eite

Age: 14

Position on Team: Quarter’s Master

Favourite Food: Muffins

Length in Scouting: 1 Year

Nicknames: Neon tree, Amual, Ettie the elf

Description my Other team members: Amy is a very bubbly girl, she loves to have everything organised to perfection and is great person to have as a friend.

Name: Anna Jeacle

Age: 14

Position on Team: Safety Manager and Assistant Cook

Favourite Food: Marshmallow Fluff

Length in Scouting: 1 Year

Nicknames: Veiller

Description by Other Team Members: Anna is very helpful and very picky about food hygiene and how her hair is fixed is place.

Name: Ailbhe Bannon

Age: 14

Position on Team: Scribe

Favourite Food: Chipper

Length in Scouting: 6 Years

Nicknames: Chipface, Iguapus, Plat

Description by Other Team Members: Ailbhe is a dedicated scout that is very neat and is very descriptive when describing anything.

Name: Luke Caragher

Age: 13

Position on Team: APL and Fire Chief

Favourite Food: Pizza

Length in Scouting: 6 years


Description by Other Team Members: Luke is a dedicated scout who is a whiz with fire and it seems like he can start a fire by merely clicking his fingers


Our Trainings

Our 1st training was on Saturday the 22nd of February. We had a full turnout to this training and it was very good. We built an alter fire and made a fire. On the alter fire we cooked a practice test meal of meatballs and fried potatoes.

The alter fire was good but we see our lashings needed to be worked on. The test meal was also good but we could see that we needed to balance out flavouring’s and seasoning we used.

Our 2nd training was on Saturday 8th of March. This training did not have a full turnout, as there were only 5 people there. The others that were not there did give us warning that they weren’t going to be there and they all had good excuses.

This training: We decided we would be dedicated to getting are test meal up to scratch. We built a much stronger alter fire and the test meal was much better.

Our 3rd training was on Saturday the 22nd of March. This training had a full turnout, and was very enjoyable.

At this training we worked on everything we built tripods, quad pods and alter fires. We also pitched an Icelandic and cooked out test meal. Everything was very good but not quite perfect.

Our 2nd last training was on Tuesday the 22nd of April all but one of us were at this training but the one who wasn’t there had a valid excuse. At this training we built some of the gadgets and bundled together and marked the spars we are going to use for the County Cup competition.

Our last training was on Wednesday the 23rd of April there were again 7 people at it as one was still on holidays. At this training we finished making, bundling and marking gadgets. We also practised our test meal one final time and it was very good.

More Training Pictures

And here’s some more pictures

Our Sketch
Parts for Sketch

Ailbhe: Narrator

Gavin: Narrator

Mika: Narrator

Amy: Princess

Jake: Prince

Anna Daughter

Karl: Stepmother

Luke: Huntsman

Our sketch is a mash up of all the medieval fairy tales joined together. The fairy

tales we are using are Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

Our sketch starts off as Sleeping Beauty asleep. She fell asleep after she got a splinter off a spar while building a tripod. She sleeps for a hundred years in her tent. When one day a prince cam along and heard her snoring. He didn’t go into the tent because boys aren’t allowed in the girl’s tent. Instead the prince takes the pegs out of the tent and throws the princess out of the tent. The Sleeping Beauty awakes and runs off after grabbing up her tent.

The princess runs and all that is left of her is a peg of her tent. The prince picks up the peg and claims that he will find the princess using this peg. The prince goes around to all the castles looking for a princess that the tent peg matches. Finally he found a princess that had a tent that matched the peg.

The Princess and the Prince got married and moved to a beautiful castle together. They are very happy together and soon the gives birth to a baby. They baby was called Snow White. Sadly the Princess dies soon after.

The prince then married again but his new wife does like Snow White. She sends Snow White off one day and sets a huntsman after her. As this is a true medieval tale the huntsman does what he is told and kills her.

The End



Supper A choice of hot drinks and soups





Sandwiches with a choice of ham, cheese and chocolate as a filling

Test Meal

Main course: Chicken fajitas made with a home-made spice mix with a choice of cheese, lettuce, peppers, onions and fresh tomatoes

Dessert: Deliciously Warm brownies with Lovely Cream




Camp Log

On Friday knight (see what I did there) we arrived on site. At 7 we started to work, we pitched our icelandic as a store tent and two domes to sleep in. We also made our boundaries around our site. We then blocked off the fire and chopping area. Then we built our gate, alter fire, 2 tripods and a quad pod.

On Saturday we woke up at 7 and started to work at half. We finished building the gadgets on our site these were our table, prep area, wash area, dresser and bin. We then did the bases they were very enjoyable. That knight we did our sketch.

On Sunday morning we took down all of our gadgets and tents and tidied away all out gear and cleaned out site.