Pre Logbook & Camp Log

The Colm Patrol

County cup 2014

[written by Maeve]

Patrol introduction

Hello we are the Colm patrol. We consist of 4 girls and 4 guys. We have all had lots of experience in camping, some of us were on county cup last year and some qualified to Phoenix where we got silver standard.


David Kennedy

Age: 14

Job: Pl

Date of birth: 3rd August 1999

Why he joined scouts: because he was in the area

Favourite Part about scouting: camping

Why do you enjoy scouting: because he likes the outdoors and he likes making friends

Jim barnes

Age: 14

Job: APL

Date of birth: 13th of May 1999

Why did he join scouts: Because he was told it would be fun


What does he enjoy about scouting: because a good few of his friends are in it

Colm cooney

Age: 14

Job: cook

Date of birth:

Why did you join scouts: he joined scouts to help his sense of community grow and to help others by helping himself

His favourite part of scouting: being able to meet my old friends and make new ones *awwww*

what does he enjoy about scouting: it helps him gain a fervent passion for life

killian conynghan

age: 14

job: fire chief

date of birth: 5th of march 2000

why he joined scouts: because his friends joined scouts

favourite part of scouting: camping and fire

why he enjoys scouts: because lots of his friends do it and he enjoys the stuff we do

Lucy Murphy

Age: 14

Job: quarter master

Date of birth: 13th of September 1999

Why did she join scouts: because her friends were joining

Favourite part of scouting: making new friends

Why she enjoys scouting: because it’s a great and fun outdoor activity for her to enjoy

Maeve Neavyn

Age: 14

Job: scribe

Date of birth: 1st September 1999

Why did she join scouts: she joined scouts because her friend recommended it

Favourite part of scouting: being able to make a square lashing and friends

Why she enjoys scouting: she enjoys scouting because she likes camping and the outdoors and meeting new people

Lara Fennell

Age: 14

Job: site manager

Date of birth: 21st of june 1999

Why she joined scouts: because it was in the area and she liked camping etc.

Favourite part of scouting: pioneering

Why she enjoys scouts: because she likes the outdoors and camping


AGE: 14


Date of birth: 26th February 2000

Why did she join scouts: because of what she had heard from her friends

Favourite part of scouting: learning new things

Why does she enjoy scouting: because of the new friends she’s made and learning new things


Main: beef burgers with cheddar cheese, fried potatoes and peppers and bread

Dessert: waffles/pancakes with chocolate and cream

Training dates

Training details

17th of January:

22nd of February:

16th of april:


Jousting Competition

Town Crier: Hear ye! Hear ye! Jousting competition for the throne in the courtyard, today at noon!

Tiberius: Excited for today Marcellus?

Marcellus: Yeah, I can’t wait, I’m in the best jousting form of my life, I can’t lose. I just can’t wait to be king.

*Everyone sings “I just can’t wait to be King”*

King: Have at thee, plebeian.

*Jousting; Marcellus wins*

Knave: Your crown, my liege.

Lord: May I announce, King Marcellus of Wallace!

Bystander: What will you do first, my king?

Marcellus: Well, I don’t know, I guess anything I want to do is just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away…

*Cuts into “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with harmonies*

*Fade out*


Camp Log

We are the colm patrol. On Friday night we arrived at our site at 6:30 and started setting up our site at 7. we built the alter fire, our 2 dome tents, our store tent and the table. On saturday morning we set up the washer, the bin, the prep area, and the dresser. We completed all of the bases. We then returned to our base and cooked a delicious meal and retied lashings. We then went and did our hilarious medieval themed sketch and had lots of fun and went to bed on time of course. On sunday we got up bright and early and packed up our site. And we were always happy.