Friday 17th April

We all arrived down to the scout den at 7pm. Packed up the truck and sped on down to Lough Dan. A misty evening as it was as the scouts noticed that they had forgotten minor things like Icelandic poles and dollys. Derek and Joe speed on back to the scout den to collect the stuff. Not all that bad though as the music in Joe’s car is top notch!

Got back around 10 as the scouts finished off their wonderful site. We have some supper and then went to bed where everyone fell fast asleep within 10 mins. Well, more likely everyone was quiet by 4am.

Saturday 18th April

We wake up to shouts like “What time is it?” to which the reply was “half 6”. Got up and lit a fire. This process took anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour! Caroline arrived to liven up everyone’s spirits.

After breakfast we mosey up the road and by the back of the cliffs and then down to the far side of the lake. After traversing the marshy grounds near the “beach” we arrive at our destination. Caroline maliciously pushed Paul into the water where he sustained an injury. Perhaps she is trying to get rid of the competition for the County cup.

Cormac and Joe join us and boast about their hunting. They had caught 10 rabbits but like fish they humanely through them back into the lake (that is where rabbits come from yeah)? “It’s not a gun”!!!

After climbing a few trees we head back to Lough Dan and have some lunch. The sun was splitting the heavens and we could all feel the burn.

After lunch we head up to the tree line and build some bivvy shelters. Some of the shelters were very good and had multi-rooms and all they needed was sky plus.

We head back for tea. After some firelighting issues we eventually all got fed.

Time for the campfire. Celbridge joined for some rather inappropriate songs. Things livened up a bit after they left. It is possible to do a one man 5 minute skit of th Tir na nOg legend!

A few scouts headed off for a midnight hike back up to the tree line, exciting stuff. The rest of the us mere mortals went and joined Cabinteely in the Barn (where the cow had kicked Nelly in the Belly earlier on).

When the others returned we had a few bikkies by the raging fire and filtered off to bed.

Sunday 19th

Got out of the tent about half 9. Another sunny but hazy morning. We lit a fire (mainly to burn rubbish as we had no intention of bringing it with us)! After another exciting breakfast of Rice snaps and Sugar puff substitute we tidied up our campsite.

At 2pm we had an investiture while our two hunters Cormac and Joe set up a “death swing”. After our campsite was deemed “clean enough” we all waited patiently for lifts back home to civilisation.

Another successful camp for the Kilmacud scouts, all set to camp next week at the County Cup… Bring it on…