KBCO 2014


We met up at the den at 6:00pm where parents of scouts, ventures and rovers collected gear and drove up to Lough Dan. We all met up in Lough Dan and went to our site after the leaders organised it. We pitched our tents and realised that we had a lot of tents up when we didn't even have that many people..Surprisingly there were only three scouts at the beginning but we were later joined by four more. The ventures collected firewood and started up a fire. The ventures also cooked noodles for everyone. We gathered around the fire to avoid midgets from eating us alive. A few people went off to play a game of spotlight when it got dark enough. Scouts headed to bed, followed by the ventures, rovers and leaders.


We were all up at 8:00am, some had slept better than others. We had cereal for breakfast and enjoyed the "mouse jokes" on the back of one of the cereal boxes.

(What's the largest type of mouse? A hippopotamouse..)

We left to start our hike at 9:45am which was predicted by Paul to last 4 hours. We walked up scarr whilst the weather wasn't too cold and wasn't too warm. Louise found a dear skull which she carried back to the site with her. We returned to the site at 1:45pm which means the hike was indeed exactly 4 hours, so sadly, Paul was right. We were then joined by Tom and that was when Rigney also went home. A few people went for a swim in the lake. They got back and warmed up by the fire. We headed down to do some crate stacking. It was great fun watching people succeed and some succeed not so much..Anna(venture) got the most crates closely followed by Peter and Keith. After everyone had had a turn we returned to the site where a few of the ventures had already started cooking faijitas. The dinner was enjoyed by all and we spent the next few hours by the fire and making french toast. The ventures headed into roundwood for a few hours whilst the scouts were jealous of the cub disco taking place nearby. The scouts headed to bed closely followed by everyone else who were all tired aswell.


We all got up at 8:00am to see that Derek was cooking us up a fry. Tom and Dan left us at 9:30am while the rest of us started taking down the site. We relaxed for another while and did a quick sweep of the site. We all left around 12:00pm. A great camp was had by all and it was much more chilled out than the sponsored hike the weekend before. Everyone got along well and happy memories were made.:-)