County Cup Log

Gavin's patrol

Scribe: Aisling McGovern

Friday 5th April

Everyone arrived promptly by 7pm. Anyone here before then brought the equipment to what they thought was their site, only to find out later that it was the wrong site. Thankfully everything was moved to the correct site before 7pm. At 7p sharp the work was started. Jim, Nora, Aisling, Hugh and Gavin worked on the icelandic, Killian sorted out the spars while Lara and Ailbhe made the dome tents. Everyone worked on the gate. Once that was finished Aisling worked on the notice board while Ailbhe and Nora made the alterfire. Killian, Hugh, Jim and Gavin started started working on the dresser. There was a bathroom break at 9.30pm.

After an incident on the other team involving a sign falling on a girl's head, we checked to see if it was alright. It was then time to get back to work. The alterfire finally finished and everyone worked on the table. With 35 mins left, it was the goal for everyone to finish the table. If that got finished, only the dresser would have to be finished in the morning. Everyone got their goal and the table finished just in time.

Saturday 6th April

Everyone was up and awake by 7am. After having cereal for breakfast, at 8am, everyone resumed working. Any lashings that needed to be tightened were re-done. Pegs were pegged in and the dresser was made. At 7am the weather was icy and cold at about -4 degrees. By 10am it had risen to about 5 degrees. It was a lot sunnier and there were clouds in the sky. Everyone then practised the sketch and worked out the characters.

The sun soon disappeared behind the clouds as we went to work on our first base, making bivvys for 8 people to sleep in for the night. Jim and Gavin went to collect wood while Hugh, Ailbhe, Aisling and Nora lashed long branches together. Everyone then covered the long branches with sticks, moss and evergreen branches until it was insulated. There were rocks to protect from the rain and bad weather and smaller rocks were built around it. The temperature by 2.30 had risen to about 10 degrees. The sun had come out and the clouds were partly gone. It was a lot warmer by then as a lunch of sandwiches was made.

After lunch all troops were sent to different bases. Each base was 25 mins long. After 25 mins a whistle was blown and the troops moved around. First off was emergency first aid. The troop proved to be quite good as everyone was shown how to make a sling out of a neckerchief, what to do in emergency situations and helpful tips.

Next was orienteering and compass work. We were shown how to measure 100 metres in strides and given a challenge to find tent pegs. Each peg had a letter on it and the letters spelled out 2 words. The next base was fire work. The group was given potatoes, an egg and an orange. The troop had to start a fire and cook everything on that. Last was the fire base where the troop made a fire device by splitting a log of wood into quarter, taking out the centre of it, tying to 3 pieces together, putting kindling in it and lighting it.

Once that was finished it was time to light the fire and start cooking. Nora and Gavin started chopping the food while Ailbhe, Jim, Killian and Hugh worked on the fire. After a bit of help from the other Kilmacud team involving the lending of cotton wool, we got it lit. Once the fire was built up, it was time to start working at advanced spaghetti bolognese. Aisling and Ailbhe worked on the the sauce while Nora and Gavin chopped all the vegetables. Once the dinner was cooked it was time for the table test.

The leaders seemed to enjoy the food and it was then time for everyone else to have their food, which everyone enjoyed. It was very nice and everyone ate everything. For desert, there was fruit, whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies home made by Jim's mum.

After dinner all the scout troops went into the empty site and brought an alterfire. Everyone performed their sketches. The troops sketch was a scout version of the three pigs not doing scout work properly and they're learning from their mistakes. Everyone was very proud of it. The troop were performing third after Balally and the other Kilmacud and before Kilternan and Mt. Merrion.

Once the sketches were finished at around 9.30pm every troop had free time until 11pm. The troop went into the other Kilmacud troop and made soup and noodles. Chicken soup and Vegetable soup were mixed together in a big pot. It was very nice and a good invention. It was getting quite cold as it was dark.

By 11pm everyone went back to their sites and made sure that everything was clean. Lights out was midnight with everyone falling asleep with hopes of winning the County cup. Even though the team might or might not win it had been really good fun and a great experience for everyone.