County Cup Log

David's patrol

Scribe: Julia Brick

Friday 5th April

Today was the first day of the County cup. All our equipment was at the top of the hill, and our site was at the bottom, so we had to carry it down. Emily was nearly an hour late. We put up the icelandic first, then the domes, the gate and the borders. I almost forgot about the notice board, but I managed to put on the patrol profiles in time. We thought we were finished but we had to put in the ground pegs. We didn't have enough food for supper. When we were in our tent trying to sleep, the leaders told us our fly sheet was going to come off and it had to be fixed.

Saturday 6th April

Today is the second day of the County cup. All the girls in our tent woke up at 6.30, but none of us got up until a little after 7.00. We weren't sure whether we were allowed start work at 7.00 or 8.00. We hadn't made the table before that so we had to eat our breakfast standing. When we were sure we were allowed start we made our table. After that we realised we had almost no sizal. We asked our other team, but there wasn't going to be enough for the two teams, so we were forced to gather spare bits of sizal and knot them together. We worked on for another while before we found that we were going to have to cut some of our bigger spars in half to have enough for the dresser and food prep area. We were told me might lose points for that, but we decided to continue, because we would probably lose more points for not having the dresser or food prep area.

After that we went to make bivvys. We had ours by a big rock. We found a sparlike thing and used it to make a sort of skeleton structure, after finding a few more similar. We wanted more and started pulling them out of the ground, but we were told to put them back, so after that we just used fallen branches that were as close to spars as we could get.

After that we did bases. The first one we did was with Derek on mapwork, and we had to just point out things because another team took our compass. Then we did a few more interesting bases, one of which involved making an orange, two eggs and two potatoes edible. What you were supposed to do was peel the orange and crack the egg into it and pit it in the fire to cook. We could either have done the same with the potatoes or else just wrapped them in tinfoil.

When we were finished all the bases, our fire-chiefs made the fire and a little after six our cooks started to cook. We were supposed to cook the advanced meal, but there wasn't enough ingredients so we were forced to do the intermediate. Our spaghetti was delicious. Our desert was canned fruit and canned cream. After dinned we did our sketches. Our sketch was Hansel and Gretal. It was a funny different version. I'd write it out but I don't want to bore you.

After that we had free time so some of us went to the heat of the Kilternan fire and some to the other Kilmacud tents. At 11.00 we cleaned up or site and went to bed.