Count Mountain Challenge 2014 Notes

Firstly let me thank all the scouts and leaders that are taking part in this adventure. This is a list of personal and patrol equipment neaded for the lightweight camp and the hike. Also a discription of the route and alternatives. This activity is all up to you as a group to do as much or as little as your group requires. The main aim of the weekend is to get patrols out on the mountains, navigating and hiking with gear and prepare for an MPC or Sionnach.

Personal gear should be packed in plastic bags as most rucksacks are NOT waterproof.

Each scouts rucksack should weigh 10 Kg or less.

General guidlines

On both nights we will be camping by a river BUT all water MUST be boiled for at least 2 minutes before use.

We will NOT be lighting fires on public land. We may light one on an area that has been used before as a fire but we will stick to the Country code and leave no trace.

All rubbish MUST be taken home with the scouts. All scouts must respect the outdoors and not interfere with the local flora and fauna.

In the case of any injuries, a patrol can make alternative routes down to the road to get help.

All patrols must have a sheet 56 and a map and be competant to use them. They should understand and know how to use the route card.

The route can be made shorter (see description of route and consult the route card).

Personal Gear

Strong Boots (Waterproofed)

Rain jacket and bottoms

Sleeping bag and ground mat

2 litres of water

High energy Food for the hike (Chocolate, nuts. Bananas etc..)

Personal food for breakfast, lunch and evenings

Warm clothes

Spare socks and jocks (lights and small so more can be brought)

Personal first aid kit (with stuff in it for blisters)

Cup/plate/knife/fork/spoon (plastic is best as it is lightweight and durable)


Toiletries including toilet roll

*Make sure when packing rucksack the items you need should be easy to get at I.e. food, rain gear

Patrol gear

Lightweight dome tents (could be split up among the people sleeping in the tents)

Cooking gear (trangia/pocket rockets etc..) plus pots/pans

Enough fuel for 2 days

First aid kit


Mountain Safety

Although Irish mountains do not offer the same challenges as higher mountains, we still have to respect the mountains and be prepared for all situations.

Things to note in Irish mountain areas:

Therefore EVERYONE should be well prepared. Everyone should have full rain gear and warm dry clothes as spare to change into.

Everyone should have warm clothing to wear while in their sleeping bag.

Nobody should be walking alone and the group MUST stay together. Remember the group walks at the rate of the slowest walker and they take care of themselves.

Sample menu

Friday eve:

Soup or hot chocolate


Cereal -personally packed with a small tub of millk

Lunch -bar, roll or Sandwich (Well Packed to keeep it Fresh)

Dinner -pasta carbobara with cooked chicken or haam (very lightweight and filling and easy to cook as you just add water)


Cereal and more bars


We are meeting at Crone Wood car park on Friday evening at 6pm

We will be back in Crone Wood car park on Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 2pm.

Description of the route


On Friday eveing we will all set off together along the Wicklow way and climb through the forest until we get to the side of the cliff that overlooks Powerscourt estate. Care will need to be taken here as it will be dark and we are at the side of a cliff. The track is quite wide and safe but we should be cautious anyway.

We follow this track until we exit the forest and take a left down the valley towards the footbridge over the river Dargle which leads to the Powerscourt waterfall.

At the bridge we take a right and head towards our campsite 2 mins from the bridge.


8am rise and Breakfast


8am rise and Breakfast

We hope everyone enjoys the CMC and any further questions do not hesitate to contact me.