County Cup 2009

Venue: Larch hill – Kellys field

Number of patrols – 8

Groups attending – Balally, Ballinteer, Kilmacud, Kilternan and Rathfarnham


This year the main emphasis on the County cup was training.

Friday 24th April

Arrived in Larch Hill at about half 6. The hill this weekend had 3 County Cups going on so 3rock county had to be in Kellys field which is the furthest field up. Thankfully we were able to load trailers with our spars and some gear meaning that all we had to carry up was the smaller gear.

After the opening ceremony all the groups were allowed start building their sites. Boundaries, gates, tents, alterfires all had to be set up. The rain was coming down quite hard and things seemed pretty miserable, but real scouts should not worry about the rain. Besides “it’s not rain, it’s liquid sunshine”.

Mainly due to the rain pretty much all the scouts were in their store tents drinking hot chocolate until lights out at 12.

Saturday 25th April

Up bright and early and the weather had not much improved. After breakfast all the scouts continued building their sites. At 11pm it was time for bases.

The bases were:

Pioneering:                  Build a stable tripod

Tent pitching:              Correctly pitch and strike and Icelandic

Backwoods:                Build a bivvy shelter and make camp twist

Map and Compass:     Make a route card

Cooking:                     Cook a test meal

First aid:                      Basic First aid

Hygiene:                      Understand and practice safe and hygienic camping

Campfire:                    Fire lighting and Safety

All the groups did 4 bases in the morning before lunch.

During lunch a miracle happened: The rain stopped and the sun actually broke through the clouds so after lunch the bases were more pleasant.

Main site inspection went on while the bases continued. Arguments over whether gates are unstable or pushed over ensued.

At 2pm the bases started again and each group did another 4 bases. At 4pm the scouts all went back on site and started to light fires to get there test meal (Spagboll) on. Some groups lit their fires quickly while other groups were struggling wit wet wood.

All the test meals were immaculate. Well, the testers have not got food poisoning anyway.

After the washup all the scouts got ready for their skits which had to be based on Myths and legends. All the skits were performed beside a large alterfire in the middle of the sites. Ballinteer won the skit with their blind date game show featuring mythical characters.

After the skits some of the groups went down to the main campfire while others stayed in our campsite.

Sunday 26th April

Arise and shine at 7am again. After another hearty breakfast of cereal the scouts all started to strike their sites and moved their equipment to the sides of their sites.

This long process continued until 11 when the trailers came up again and collected all the gear and took them back down to the car park.

At 12.30 we had the closing ceremony. The results were given out in reverse order from 3rd to 1st.

Results:           1st – 10th Kilternan

                      2nd – 90th Kilmacud (TGIW’s)

                      3rd – 90th Kilmacud (Happy Vampyres)