County Cup 2011 62nd scouts Log book Scribe: Laura

Day 1 Friday 20th May

The team arrived at 7pm and we started. We put the two dome tents and the icelandic tent up first, then we moved on to the alter-fire and dresser. We also built the main part of the table.

While this was happening our fabulous PL Peter went up to the PL meeting where he was told the general working times, he came back and told us.

Our site manager Cameron felt sick and had to go home :( but hopefully he will feel better to come back tomorrow.

Meanwhile the now cold team are facing the horrors of dodgy lashings, disastrous square frappings and the impending darkness.

The main site related difficulties of today were bent pegs and tilting dressers.

Day 2 Saturday 21st May

The tired scouts got up at the ridiculous hour of 7.30am. After getting dressed and washed we took turns eating breakfast while others worked.

With freezing fingers we finished the table and then undid it and then put it together again. We redid the dresser as well.

Everyone cleaned their tent and I speak for everyone when I say cookie crisp cereal has never tasted so good.

Cameron is better :-) and came back to Larch hill. We also cleaned the storage tent.

After breakfast Kilmacud scouts were called up to begin bases.

  1. The first base was social. Every member of each got an animal in a certain language and then you met up in those groups. We then had to find out an interesting fact about each member of the group. We then met back up with the Kilmacud scouts and made a collage of of the new things we learned about the other scouts. We liked this base because we got to talk to other scouts and get to know them.

  2. Our second base was character. The first thing we did in this base was: We were given a scenario that a member of our scout group was being bullied, we were asked to hold a PLC (Patrol leaders council) to decide what to do. What questions would we ask and what appropriate measures would be implemented. Frank was the bully, Cameron was the victim, Sophie, Laura and Claire were the witnesses and Peter and Rhiannon were the judges. The second thing we did on the character base was we were each given a role and the scenario we got was: Someone was stealing from our scouts. The person being accused was stealing icelandic dollies and orio biscuits. In the end we decided that it was Laura who stole the biscuits and the Venturers stole the icelandic dollies.

  3. Our third base was emotional. Each member of Kilmacud scouts was blindfolded except for PL peter and we were asked to tell him three necessary things in nature, we then had to make these shapes blindfolded, under Peter's direction, we then had to make the shapes again without help. We found that base a good exercise because everyone had to shut up and trust our PL.

  4. Then we had lunch. We ate crisp sanbos (tayto sandwiches) and talked, we also discussed our sketch. Our 4th base was spiritual. There we made a collage out of our icelandic tent waste. Crisp packets, sizal and paper. Then we stuck the pieces of rubbish onto a large sheet and drew on it to represent each member of Kilmacud.

  5. Our 5th base was physical. We were all tied together at the waist and we walked up to the training field where there were balloons stuck on to a stick. We had to memorise the colour on each one in order and try to crack the code of the letters on the balloons. Super smart Sophie figured it out. It was THREE ROCK. We liked this base because we worked as a team and cooperated with each other.

  6. Our 6th base was intellectual. We were given numbers in sequence and 2 books, one to correspond with each. But it was in code, it was clever Claire who figured it out. Page, paragraph, line and word. The books were “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Da Vinci code”. We liked this base as we worked in teams.

At 4pm the bases finished and we went back to site 4 Kilmacud. Today all the roles were used. PL Peter, APL Sophie, Fire chief Frank, Chef Claire, Assistant Chef Rhiannon, Scribe Laura, Site manager Cameron and Store manager Rhiannon.

The lighting of the fire -Frank our fire chief and the energetic scout troop ran rapidly back to the campsite to start the fire, the first time it went out, but the second time it burn well.

Cooking time – Once the fire was hot enough Claire and Rhiannon began cooking. Soon enough the food was ready. Every member of the team enjoyed their first hot anything in 24 hours. The chicken curry was fantastic. Thanks Claire and Rhiannon They made fresh fruit salad for desert with cream. Really nice and sweet.

Campfire Sketch

Tir na nóg.

Narrator – Sophie

Oisin – Cameron

Niamh – Laura

Horse – Frank

3 soldiers/people – Claire, Rhiannon, Peter

Weather update

Lashing rain. Last night we went over to Ballaly's site and talked and sung and played guitar.

Day 3 Sunday 22nd May

Our tired team cannot believe that they are going home in a few hours. Everything is coming down slowly but surely. Everyone got breakfast of frosties, cookie crisp and bread and jam.

The weekend as a whole.

Overall Everyone really enjoyed this weekend, we had a lot of laughs and we feel stronger as a team.

Laura - “Everyone worked really well together and we had lots of fun”

Cameron - “Deadly, good fun, the time I spent in good health”

Frank - “Tiring, but I enjoyed meeting people off the other teams”

Claire - “ The weekend was great but the weather made everything much harder, but I still had a good time”

Rhiannon - “Good fun but the weather made it hard to work in”

Sophie - “A great experience and I really enjoyed it, we had a great team, who cooperated, we are all good friends”

Peter - “Fun but cold”

The end