County Cup 2005   Log book      Written by Connor Haugh

Ounce upon a time, at about 6 o' clock, a noble band of scouting braves arrived at the mysterioushill of Larch. They were Sir Daire the daring, Sir McGovern the hairy, Sir Barry the brave, Sir Haugh the humanist, Sir Michelle the mystical, Sir Kevin the couragous and Lynch who liked to eat alot. When they arrived they took the bags and built the Icelandic of doom to store them in. Then they constructed the tunnel tent of truth and the quadropod table of triumph. Sir Barry boasted about his amazing pioneering skills as he built the table. They made an alter fire of fearlessness, but the half barrell was unsteady and fell on Lynch's foot. Everyone laughed. They made the dresser of dread and went to sleep. (Sir Daire, Sir Haugh and Lynch did not steal coke after dark).

They woke up early and everyone had a hearty breakfast of rashers and sausages, but Sir Haugh had bread and dry cereal as he is a vegitarian, and Sir Daire forgot to get milk. Today, they enbarked on a perilous journey through 10 bases, each as scouty as the next.

Base 1:
At this base the brave nights (and Michelle) were charged to save the life of a badly burned dragon slayer. Sir Barry boasted about his first aid skills as he kicked the dragon slayer on to his back. They got no points and their mentor was amerce. The dragon slayer died.

Base 2:
They prepared fish for food. Well, Lynch did, and got guts all over him. Everyone laughed. They cooked the fish on the evil Rathfarnam's fire, and put it out for the next group.

Base 3:
The brave knights (and Michelle) exercised their map work and compass skills, and walked to different landmarks to measure the distance between them. Using the compass of confusion, Sir McGovern found the directions they were in and put it into map form.

Base 4:
They arrived just in time to see evil Rathfarnam give up on their icelandic. The knights (and Michelle) then constructed their own icelandic. But to their horror, Rathfarnam had tied up the ropes. It was a battle against time and in the end, it was the magic knot undone spell from St. Michelle that saved the day. They did it!

Base 5:
This was all about teamwork. So obviously, they did it quickly. the fact that it was not finished was a minor set back. Everyone worked together but the wood was too hard. A plank was put in the middle of the square, and they had to cut it without entering the square. They tied 4 bits of sizzle to the saw of sexy. All pulled back and forth to cut through the wood but it didn't work.

Base 6:
The knights (and Michelle) continued on their journey until they came to a mine field of.... erm.... mines. They were blindfolded and, one by one, guided only by the sound of clapping, each one passed safely through, except Lynch who blew up 3 times. Everyone laughed.

Base 7:
The knights (and Michelle) now had to test their mind power. That's right, they had to estimate... and they did. And it was a good guess. And they moved on.

Base 8:
This base was ruled by the evilist  leader (and that's right Sean,  I mean you!). He made them build a fortress. They made the best dang fortress ever but it fell on Lynch. Everyone laughed.

Base 9:
This was all about pioneering, so the knights left it to Sir Barry. they built two tripods of terror, with levers of love, to lift a box out of the square of sexy. Long story short..... it worked.

Base 10:
They dragged a log up a hill........Proving....? (It was only after this they realised that Sir Daire the daring was bribing the judges).

The knights dinner was: Garlic bread of doom, pasta and source of peril. custard and biccies of nicey. It was panic. Everyone was working except Sir Haugh who was writing the log book, but he didn't have time to finish i............

The dinner was excellenty prepared and would have won had it not been for Sir Kevin and his filthy hands. A sore point which will long be remembered.

On Sunday the site was dropped and all waited anxiously for the results of the competition. Rathfarnam won, no surprises there, but the real kick in the face was that Friday nights had beaten us by a mere 50 points. How or never, 5th out of 10 is excellent and we will be back next year to win................