December 2012

December 21-22ndScout overnight in the den

Scouts had an overnight in the den.

November 2012

November 3-5thAurora Hostel

Scouts had a hostel to Aurora. We did our usual hike up towards Price William's seat and had a moment where one of the scouts lost his boot in muck, so he had to walk back with only one boot :)

September 2012

September 29-30thLast camp for the older scouts

Another sad moment as we prepare to say goodbye to the older scouts as they make their transition to the Venture scouts. We went down to Lough Dan and had a chilled out camp. We walked into Roundwood for the evening and had chipper.

August 2012

August 13-15thAnnual Camp -Boyle, Roscommon

Kilmacud's annual camp was to Lough Keel in Boyle co. Roscommon. Over the week in Boyle we went swimming in the lake, we challenged ourselves in the Boda Borg, we spent time in Boyle and Carrick on Shannon and we spent a night on the "mice infested" island.. All in all it was a great camp.

You can read more about the camp in the Annual camp section.

July 2012

July 19-24thKBCO 2012

Kilmacud's annual group camp was on the weekend of the 13th to 15th of July. We took Cubs and scouts to Lough Dan campsite on the Friday evening. The Beavers joined us on the Saturday morning to camp the Saturday night.

Friday night we set up site. Then we lit a fire and talked into the night. Saturday morning saw 9 Beavers join us (7 of which would be camping that evening). The scouts headed off on a hike up Scar. The cubs headed off on a walk up the road followed by the Beavers. We walked all the way to the far side of the lake where we picked up the scouts. After a short time at the beach and some food, we headed back to the campsite.

Dinner of Spagbol was made for the scouts, cubs and beavers. The leaders were left with no food so we had to have chipper food. After dinner we had another campfire and sparklers a plenty.

On the Sunday morning we drop our site and head to the wet weather shelter to play the hoop game :) A great weekend was had by all.

June 2012

June 3-4thBeaver Camp JamÓige 2012

7 Beavers and 3 leaders met up at the scout den at 7.45am on the Sunday morning, the rain had been pouring down since 7pm the previous night and things weren't looking good. Anyway we all got onto the coach and made our way to Balbriggan. Half way there we realised that we had forgotten to take the cold food out of the fridge in the den so we had to stop off at a service station to buy more milk and meat.

We got to the JamÓige site of Ardgillan castle, after doing a loop due to the poorly signposted roads. The site itself is massive and overlooks the sea and has a massive castle on the grounds where we saw none of its inhabitants.

As we carried out "heavy" gear to the Beaver sub camp (which we had no idea where it was) we were watching a mass evacuation of the cubs all walking the opposite way from us. From the 3000 cubs that were there since the Friday, all but 200 left. Also out of the 1000 Beavers that were to arrive on site, only 250 of them did and of course we were part of that crew.

We eventually found our site, conveniently close to where we had set up a base so as to stop walking around and get the Beavers out of the horrible weather. We set up our tents and the weather cleared up. The rest of the day was moving around through bases which involved water transporting with buckets and string, shell painting, making stretchers, tug-o-war and some others.

After the bases we had a wonderful meal of Spuds, beans and sausages. Then we went to the Science base where the beavers got to play with Science. We then proceeded to the closing ceremony which lasted an hour! There was then a massive fireworks display opposite the castle after which we proceeded back to our site and had hot chocolate before heading to bed.

The next day we chilled out, dropped site and (with the help of some Skerries Venture scouts) carried our gear back to the carpark to the awaiting bus. All the poor Beavers were shattered and fell asleep on the bus as it made its way back to Kilmacud and their waiting parents.

June 1-4thCub Camp Shipwrecked in Larch hill 2012

26 cubs and 7 leaders went up to Larch hill on the Friday evening for the Shipwrecked camp.

More info to follow :)

May 2012

May 18-20thCounty Cup

62nd scouts braved the bad weather on the Friday evening to head down to this years county cup which was in the Training field in Larch hill. They built their site all Friday evening as the rain was pouring down. On the Saturday the weather cleared up and bases went ahead. The bases involved Map and Compass, Dining shelter building, Pulleys, first aid and Fire safety, Challenge base and others. After the bases, the scouts worked on their test meal, advanced chicken curry. This had to be good as I (Derek) was marking the test meal for the County. After the test meal there was the campfire and then free time. Sunday was filled with taking down their sites and transporting all the gear to the carpark and then back to the den. We camp 4th overall, which was extremely impressive for a team of 6 (5 on the Friday night as Sophie was sick but came up Saturday morning) and 4 of these 6 scouts were just up from cubs and had never been on a County cup before.

May 13thBeaver Hike up Bray head

The Beavers all met at Blackrock dart station and made their way to Bray (where we met up with Joe). We then proceeded to walk along the promenade to Bray head. The Beavers practically ran up Bray head, only stopping at a fallen tree to play. On the way back we stopped for Icecream and candyfloss before heading back to Blackrock. As we were early, we headed to the playground before getting collected by parents.

April 2012

April 13-15th County Camp

We had 11 Beavers camping and 18 in total for the day activity this year on County camp up in Larch hill. The Beavers did bases during the day and after dinner watched the Lion king in the Millennium room.

We also had scouts up on County camp where they had their own bases (including Bouncy castles which are normally reserved for Beavers and cubs).

March 2012

March 16-17th 62nd Scouts overnight in the den

62nd scouts stayed overnight in the den and watched videos, cooked and played games.

February 2012

Sunday 26th Founder's day

Beavers and scouts went up to Larch hill for Founder's day and took part in bases for the day, which finished with a BBQ and a campfire, great day.

January 2012

January 22nd 90th scouts hike

90th Scouts hiked up 3Rock, 2Rock and Tibradden.

January 15th 62nd scouts hike

62nd Scouts hiked up 3Rock, 2Rock and Tibradden.