October 2010

PL Forum Oct 15th - 17th
We had 3 PL's from 90th, Cillian, Helan and Rebecca and 3 PL's from 62nd, Cameron, Frank and Sophie attending the PL forum this year. It started well when all the scouts left and Derek and Cillian had to get a taxi to Ballinteer where the Taxi driver was boasting his GAA knowledge much to Derek's joy, thankfully Cillian is up to the challenge of entertaining this enthusiastic nut!!! We arrived in Ballinteer on time and we then got a coach down to Mt. Melleray, Co. Waterford. Anyway the weekend was great where the PL's met up with other PL's from around the county and discussed the new programme and county activities aswell as electing a County PL committee where Frank was elected secretary... Fair play to him.

Backwoods in Fernhill Oct 17th
While the PL's were in Melleray, the other scouts went to Fernhill for backwoods cooking. An excellent day was had by all.

July 2010

National Raft Race 26th July
We entered 2 teams again this year, well one team and another team with some Leeson Park scouts. Emily's team built a great raft and won the race, of course they cheated by not actually going around the pontoon! Caroline's raft was bigger and went too far around the pontoon increassing the distance that had to be covered. All in all it was a great day.

May 2010

County Cup 7th - 9th
This years County cup had 9 teams, including 2 teams from Kilmacud, one from Wednesdays and one from Fridays. The highlight of this County Cup was the Pyramid scout quiz, let's hope that becomes a permanent feature. Wednesdays came 4th and Fridays came 5th which is excellent considering half the team had not been camping before not to talk about a county cup. Pictures are in the pictures section.

April 2010

County Camp 23rd - 25th
10 Scouts from Kilamcud were a part of this years County cup in Larch Hill. They were a part of 250 youth members in Kelly's field which is the second furthest away field in the hill. We enjoyed 2 days of sunshine. The scouts did bases on the Saturday and walked to Massey's in the Afternoon for more bases. They were woken up by Beavers chanting and singing in the field at 7.30 on Sunday morning. A great weekend was had by all.

March 2010

Glendasan Hostel 27th - 29th
90th and 62nd Scouts went to Glendasan hostel in Glendalough for the weekend. On the Saturday we walked down to the lead mines and the scouts did some boldering and scree climbing. We proceeded up the zig-zags and round by the Spink before returning to the hostel for dinner. It was a great hostel.

February 2010

Founder's day 2010 Sunday 21st
90th and 62nd Scouts as well as the Cubs, Beavers and Leaders joined the rest of the County up in Larch Hill to celebrate the anniversary of Baden-Powell's birthday. The scouts, cubs and beavers all had bases during the afternoon which was followed by a campfire and BBQ. Excellent day had by all.

Camp out in the Garden Wednesday 17th
90th scouts camped out overnight, braving the cold, in the garden of the scout hall. During the day they built a platform, table and alterfire. They slept in ice-landics and domes and had an excellent dinner of chicken and rice cooked over the alterfire.

January 2010

Snow Hike Jan 9th
Well 90th Scouts decided to make use of this exceptionally cold weather and go on a hike. Snow was falling in the morning so parents were wary of driving to the meeting place, so instead we met the scouts at the den and walked ALL the way from there. 9 scouts joined Derek, Joe, Laura and cormac. We struggled up through the snow and reached the top of 3Rock. We looked at Dublin for 5 mins and descended down the track to Ticknock. Joe skied down, the rest of us mugs had to walk however some of the scouts slid down on Bivvy bags. We arrived safely back to Lambs Cross where some were collected and some had to walk all the way home again. A great day had by all.