November 2009

IceSkating On December 2nd 90th Scouts and Wednesday Beavers went iceskating in the RDS.

PL Forum Emily attended this years PL forum which involved a walk from Ballinteer to the modified international standard Knockree hostel. In fairness Emily missed the hike and was there for the more formal stuff

Cake/Book Sale Our scouts were "helping" out at this event which is raising money for heating in our hall.

October 2009

Aurora Halloween hostel This Halloween we went to our favourite hostel Aurora. We had a bonfire and fireworks. We had fun Halloween games and we had a great hostel.

September 2009

Bivvy Fernhill 2009 Our first activity of the year was a Bivvy with Kilternan in Fernhill gardens near Stepaside. After a walk up into the forest we made our bivvy sites, had some rashers and sausages and then off to bed. Don't think there was much sleep but it was great craic nonetheless. You can check out the pictures of the night in the pictures section.

August 2009

Phoenix 2009 Click here to read the logbook for the standing and walking Phoenix team

This years Phoenix was full of drama, from bus crashes to sickness, but we achieved bronze standard and everyone had a great time.

Phoenix Prep hike Click here to read Katri and Paul's cool logbook of the 2 day hike and lightweight camp

The pictures are in the Pictures section.

Annual Camp to Gilwell park, England Click here to read ailbhe's brilliant logbook of the camp

The pictures are in the Pictures section.

July 2009

KBCO July's first weekend was sunny and perfect for a camp up in Larch Hill. 90th Scouts were joined by 62nd scouts, tuesday cubs, the Venturers and on the Saturday we had Wednesday Beavers. This is the first time ever that Beavers from Kilmacud camped out and it was amazing. Emily practically ran the campfire for the whole of Larch hill on the Saturday night. All the Venture scouts, scouts, cubs and Beavers had a great weekend and might be on the telly come September/October as RTE were up filming us.

June 2009

National Raft Race 2009 Click here to read about it

The HB fun day was held in the scout den as the weather was terrible. Still it was a great success and there were 7 scouts attended.

light-weight camping and hiking

June 5- June 6: We camped the Friday night in Lough Dan. We set off in the morning and followed the Wicklow Way northwards. As we head up by the J.B. Malone memorial the weather really deteriorated and we were very exposed. We had to turn back. Everyone was cold and wet so we made soup and waited for parents to "rescue" us.
We will of course do this activity again, hopefully the weather will be better and if it isn't we will need heavier rain gear.

April 2009

County Cup 2009 Click here to read about it

Click here to read Caroline's patrol's log book

Lough Dan camp: Click here to read about the camp

Guard of honour: The scouts, as well as the rest of the Group, attended the blessing of the St. Therese relics in the Carmelite monastery on the Kilmacud road. We performed a guard of honour. After the guard of honour we had a BBQ in the garden of the den.

The Scouts had a PL Council at the beginning of the month.

March 2009

During the month of March we trained for the County Cup

February 2009

7th February: Snow hike Only 6 scouts braved the snow to hike up 3rock. We met at Lambs Cross and treked up throught the snow to the mighty 3rock mountain, from there we struggled up to Fairy castle and then downt he untrodden far side to the Wicklow way track. We then marched on through blizzards and treacherous conditions where every step could be your last especially for wee Sean until we got on to more trodded land. We then proceed to lose the Wicklow way and had to bail up to Ticknock and down the windy road until we were eventually picked up by mountain rescue, eh sorry parents just a mere 2 hours late, oh the joy of it all. There are also pictures in the gallery.

13th-16th February: Hostel to Aurora 15 Scouts went up to one of our favourite hostels in Aurora. Parents ventured through snow peaks and impassible roads to drop their child off in the middle of nowhere. On the Saturday there were 2 hikes, one up to Price Williams seat and the other up to Kippure. A great hostel was had by all and the drama never stopped as we managed to lock Ciara's bag in the hostel and had to break in to get it and then we got trapped on the featherbeds road on the way home and had to push the car free, well in fairness I was just pretending to push but Keith really had to put his back into it! There are also pictures in the gallery.